Fully Automatic Coffee Machine H8A


HiBREW Fully Automatic Espresso Cappuccino Latte 19 Bar 3 in 1 Coffee Machine Automatic hot milk froth ESE pod and Ground Coffee

Color : H8a
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Plug Type : EU
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  1. P***r

    A good car, espresso liked. Other options have not yet been made.

  2. r***r

    The coffee machine corresponds to the description. To taste latte and cappuccino very decent level. I did not regret buying.
    The only huge minus was that the order was made on November 11, and delivered it only on December 27.

  3. A***v

    Delivery to the point of issue is disgusting! The outer box in 4 places is broken! Thank you seller! The main packing was not damaged by the coffee maker itself. Everything works as in the description. Before use, take out the plug in the water tank! To the seller Thank you very much! Quickly Sent! I recommend this seller.

  4. V***n

    No instruction in Russian language,

  5. M***I

    Very fast shipping and good product.

  6. A***v

    Coffee maker class, but the delivery is very long

  7. M***l

    Super bien

  8. m***d

    Good product as the description

  9. G***v

    The item arrived defective, had to send back

  10. M***b

    shipping is very fast
    the seller is very helpful
    i didn’t try the package yet because its gift
    ,but all item checked all there in new condition.

  11. R***n

    Delivery is fast, works fine, the seller is sociable recommend. There was a delay in sending the seller sent a coffee grinder as a gift

  12. R***r

    The coffee machine is excellent, the coffee is delicious, the seller is adequate. Greender came broken, paid back for greender without delay.

  13. r***o

    51mm 58mm damper for have been four.
    51mm damper with me. The high.

  14. A***e

    The seller is responsive. Going to meet you. In emerging problems (from risks no one is insured) suggests options for rectifying the situation. I am happy with and communication with the seller and purchased coffee maker. By the way, in the kit there was not only a standard portapirter, but also a bottomless one. Of course, there were delays in sending the goods (in the Russian warehouse did not have enough goods), but it was only necessary to tolerate and patience is rewarded.

  15. Shopper


  16. A***N

    Unfortunately, the joy of obtaining a long-awaited order was overshadowed: the coffee machine came with a broken milk tank and what to do now?

  17. z***v

    Best machine. Worth the money. Fast shipping. Fast making cup of cappuccino or latte. Also can make espresso and frothed milk. Very tasty. And also looking good I’m very happy from this machine.
    Cheap. Fast shipping. Honest simple and fast. All automatic.
    Coffee amazing flavor and mirror. Strongly recommended for use with Cup double wall for Cannon …..

  18. U***r

    Excellent seller, delivery fast without damage, the quality of the products is excellent no complaints, good ergonomics inconvenience in operation does not arise, the problems in the operation of the devices of the Nare are

  19. S***r

    The demand is very high quality easy to use there is a very small problem only smuggling in the piece under the cups where the coffee is supposed to meet scattered and excessive

  20. Shopper

    Excellent store and seller, byspraya достовka the integrity of the package is not broken, the quality is excellent, it works fine, the quality of brewing coffee I like,, The

  21. Y***l

    Fast shipping.

  22. w***w

    Wonderful, practical and excellent price

  23. o***v

    Delivery is fast. the goods are good. The seller 5 stars. coffee is cooked delicious.

  24. Shopper

    Under experience but in principle excellent

  25. D***e

    extremely fast shipping. ordered on a friday and was making coffee on wednesday.. well built and sturdy product.. easy to operate… Currently using a bottomless porta filter … highly recommend seller… will be purchasing a second unit H11 for home use. this one will be for office use..

  26. B***a

    OK !

  27. K***v

    A lot of good! In the ratio of price-quality si struva steam. IMA talk instructions for the support in the sleeve for use.

  28. B***i

    Very good quality and fast shipping, fourth time I bought this for myself and friends. Recommended

  29. Q***r

    Very very excellent device

  30. J***v

    Items come in 8 days. The gift was based on balance, filter cartridge, measuring spoon and temper. Have not tried.

  31. s***i

    Very good coffee machine I like it

  32. N***A

    Exquisite thank the seller on speed plug

  33. D***a

    Coffee is very delicious. With the third cup understood as adjust the amount of milk. Presented таппер. Delivery fast. Thank you very much! Satisfied very)))

  34. M***v

    Delivered quickly I am very satisfied with the product the machine is excellent

  35. A***v

    While testing and the impression is not so good, but maybe I have not studied the manual well enough if I add something

  36. K***f

    Shipped quickly arrived in less than a week machine at the top of its collection by the performance of the unique hiberwa with the gift of Matt led Coffee gave the seller 7 stars for his good performance

  37. K***a

    Long set, but everything turned out)

  38. E***v

    Everything is fine! Coffee does.

  39. Shopper

    Everything except DPD. Packed in Goftar, everything is intact. Thank you. DPD distinguished the parcel month was carried from Vladivostok to the find. Seller good sent Bastro.

  40. L***q

    Everything is fine! The coffee machine prepares very tasty and rich coffee, cappuccino turns out beaten, beautiful.

  41. o***r

    The order was brought by the courier to the house. Packing is standard, but inside the box itself with the paralon seals coffee maker. So it’s less reliable. And now about the coffee maker itself:
    Pros: price. Functions work on hurray, milk foam is good. The coffee makers were not before, but from the pepper Jacobs 2 years ago, coffee turns out delicious. Before the first use, be sure to remove all stickers and plugs, and wash.
    Cons: one obvious-the surface of the coffee maker is very very branded. And the rest of the moments are all due to the price. 10 K for coffee maker it is low price. Coffee is small. In general, I’m happy, my price is working out. But I would advise you to think about a more expensive coffee maker.

  42. m***m

    On the touch is quite normal, high-quality enough material, you turn on the network and the switch starts to heat up, in general, like, but not yet tried.

  43. N***m

    Excellent machine after the experience Macha God bless God creativity in the design and fumigation and heat as well as the pressure of the bar excellent 19 bar pressure force, and also the mill grinding excellent and balanced about a month this comment came down I advise you to use it and its price is reasonable after the reduction. If you like my comment, do not forget to put Lake and thank you.

  44. S***v

    There is no list of what is included in the parcel

  45. a***v

    It’s all here. It’s all a slave. The water tank is cracked, but it does not flow. The seller promised to send.

  46. S***n

    This product came with damage. One of the lid loops from the water tank is broken. The lid falls off. The machine has not yet been used because it is bought as a gift to his wife. I’m just upset.😭😭😭😭😭

  47. M***n

    The first experience is more than wonderful and if there is a future note I return

  48. v***a

    At first use did not want to run water, after cooling earned, let’s hope that the year of warranty and will last longer

  49. Shopper

    Good product. shipped within 10 days. prior to buying only confirm the customs duty law in your region. other than that its worth the money

  50. e***l

    The machine arrived quickly already and excellent packaging
    But unfortunately, without the milk can,

  51. O***v

    Goods of excellent quality! The instruction is in English, but the control was sorted out quickly. The pump earned after three pumping, coffee turns out to be of excellent quality!

  52. M***n

    Fast charging and excellent device quality and above expected excellent device at a reasonable price

  53. G***v

    Quickly delivered, well packed. Included, a bit of training, read the instructions, for the third time everything turned out, and kputino, and latte .. Coffee makes good, foam is normal, we recommend.

  54. N***n

    It was good because the delivery was very fast. Just pull it out eight times with water before use, so it doesn’t come out. I am satisfied with him.

  55. I***i

    After the experience the machine is very excellent and thank the seller for the gift he sent with the machine of course the shipping took almost four days and the packaging is very excellent this evaluation was written after the

  56. 4***r

    The coffee machine is excellent, delivered very quickly, I recommend

  57. S***I

    Excellent machine easy to use excellent seller and fast shipping

  58. k***n

    Latte seems to have a lot of milk .. The delivery is completely fast ~

  59. t***i

    The product is excellent and the gift is a thousand thanks

  60. S***n

    Coffee is cooked, Borsch refuses. Everything is fine, I recommend

  61. N***0

    Foam is not dense.

  62. m***r

    All the pieces arrived intact and the packaging is excellent and its quality is magnificently arrived in record time

  63. E***s

    Everything is fine. The only thing I would like is for America to function, instead of espresso

  64. Shopper

    The quality is excellent I recommend it

  65. P***n

    Everything is fine!!! Fast shipping and delivery. Everything is as described. Delivered in four days. Washed, collected, checked. Everything works fine!!! The seller and the store are very grateful!!!

  66. E***v

    Looks super but hasn’t given it yet. The box is a little damaged, sorry because I bought it as a gift.

  67. 0***r

    There were misunderstandings with the seller about the first purchase, but he, as promised, sent the second one in return, thank you very much, everything is working and working as indicated

  68. 8***r

    Thanks for fast delivery only 4 days
    While I figure it out. Looks decent😇

  69. E***c

    Good machine and makes good coffee. Fast delivery.

  70. Shopper

    The product is magnificence and I recommend dealing with the seller three days defect and the product I have thanks to the seller

  71. Shopper

    Arrived in 2 (!) business days. Very happy with this purchase, for the price it is very good. One useful function that is not shown in the video is that by pushing the espresso button for 3 seconds, you can make regular (americano) coffee. Definitely requires some practice to master it, if you have no experience. The included instruction booklet is very clear and explains everything.

  72. 5***r

    The coffee machine came quickly. Everything works great👍. Coffee prepares excellent. I recommend it.

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  • Coffee Powder Filter
  • ESE POD Filter
  • 19bar Water-pump
  • Anti bacterial Material, Removable, Adjust the amount of milk froth

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Weight6.7 kg
Dimensions39 × 29 × 40 cm

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