5 in 1 Coffee Machine H2B


If you’re looking for a coffee machine that does it all, look no further. This 5-in-1 marvel can make everything from espresso to cold brew. With a sleek design and seven different water volume levels, it’s perfect for any coffee lover. Plus, with a full 19 bars of pressure, it can make the perfect cup of espresso every time.

Color : H2b bk
Plug Type : UK
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  1. Shopper

    Fast quality

  2. Z***k

    P e r f e c t !!!!

  3. S***r

    very fast delivery and product is as advertised.

  4. d***r

    Very good machine a coffee
    Delivery in 10 days
    I recommend

  5. Shopper

    as described

    all attachments were there

    easy to use

  6. v***v

    Perfect machine and delivery is very fast !

  7. J***o

    Fantastic machine, heated more than the previous models, bring lots of adapters and also the seller did a gift that is to thank him, A tray to put the machine and capsules. Many thanks!!!

  8. M***t

    Excellent machine! Fast shipping! Thank you!

  9. Z***i

    Very good product. Working good. Tested with Nespresso capsule and ground coffee. Get free gift, capsule holder. Shipping method is fast. Working tracking code included. Seller communication is good. Answer all of my questions. Recommand the seller.

  10. Shopper

    Thank you very much

    I advise everyone to deal with this seller.

    the quality of the product 100/100

    dealing and responding quickly.

    The product arrived in 3 days.

    I thank the seller for the beautiful gift

  11. a***j

    thank you and good luck

  12. Shopper

    Good and excellent quality

  13. B***f

    Wonderful delivery in a record time wonderful packaging and above the gift how wonderful you are

  14. h***a

    fast delivery,great coffee machine

  15. Shopper

    Received today very fast shipping. Rest everything is perfect but big Mug cannot fit.

  16. a***i

    Delivery within 3 days
    Great cooperation from the seller deserves 5 stars

  17. m***i

    The machine is very excellent and this is 3 times buy from this seller Thank you for the speed of delivery and product quality

  18. S***m

    The seller is very excellent and fast and thank you for the gift (drawer for capsules)

  19. M***i

    The device is very wonderful .. Buy it without hesitation.

  20. M***n

    Fast and smart! Coffee ☕ is so delicious. I thought my ground coffee tastes bad, but it was the technique. This machine made me love my coffee!! In a few seconds, I had a wonderful cup of coffee. Moreover, this little best, the frothering machine, in less than a minute I had the best frothered milk ever!

    Shipping was in less than 5 days! Free of any charges which is awesome. In addition, the seller send a wonderful gift; the dolce gusto holder made of strong stainless steel. I highly recommend this seller. I’ll give you more feedback after a while. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  21. a***y

    She exceeded expectations.
    -Packaging is more than excellent
    -Super Speed in shipping and delivery
    -Free gift add me a lot of happiness and joy
    -Product is more than wonderful and excellent and according to the description perfectly
    -Worth buying and acquiring and thank you very much for your interest

  22. S***i

    For the second time I bought the device from the same seller and the company I had a previous experience with the first version and this new version is more professional and less noise for the machine accept all kinds saudi Arabia and the best of all the seller is very wonderful fast shipping and excellent packaging and respond to all inquiries thank you.

  23. Shopper

    Small machine fit anywhere, easy to switch between capsules and I love volume selection make it easy especially for dolce gusto capsule.

  24. K***i

    I arrived within six working days I was not too hasty to arrive. The machine is very size suitable I thought it was very large but thank God was not huge. I ordered it with a milk beater as well. I received it with a special gift. Very nice packaging. The machine is very worth more than the amount paid I strongly recommend. Many options.

  25. M***h

    Fast delivery I recommend you help with this seller and the device in the magnificence

  26. e***n

    amazing super super fast arrived. a small machine as advertised with all the extra tools. I checked it just with water without capsule and it’s came out very very hot so it’s good recommend on this seller and product.

  27. L***A

    Shipping was very fast through Samsa Jani within 48 hours and the seller is very helpful and my evaluation of the product is excellent and the coffee temperature is excellent and the new version is better than the previous

  28. w***i

    The product as in the description but has not been tested yet

  29. A***i

    The product is very wonderful and the seller is fast and fast shipping I received in a week

  30. Shopper

    So beautiful.

  31. Shopper

    The cafeteria is very practical has arrived before the time

  32. I***v

    Very fast shipment and receipt in 6 days. Excellent product and works fine. The seller is satisfied and highly recommend. Gift box for capsules works like a table. Very practical and convenient thing. Thanks to the hibrew store for excellent products.

  33. Z***b

    excellent seller and i recommend him

  34. Shopper

    Excellent jet with a gift after a stand for capsules. But its voice is loud when operating and moving from its place .. But this defect we can manage

  35. Shopper

    Everything is OK I arrived 7 days vacuum delivery problems shipping on the same day purchase

  36. y***m

    This appliance is so good product with additional order we designed. New arrival 100 Light order gift which gives high light is safe other closely during domestic customers only target was one horizontal line tool…
    Offer time for sure and visibly notation, commendeth if good manufacturers. Countries come to enter inside it and it had used this section disappointed ㅠ ㅠ

  37. G***I

    Shipping: 6/19 order 6/24 arrival very fast summer
    Price: per order $ time discount, human-discount promotion ($ or so more plain weaving)
    Performance: Basic is included. Mainly ground and Nespresso capsule used primarily for scheduled, really small. With Adam.
    Wear: rip City available cup size S-center for espresso cup should be having. Pictures only for charge big cup is pulling had used W sensor device Cup also convenient to use.
    Complaint: first Inside clean plastic smell oh not poor. Adopter and internal components heat once plastic smell the water even for the smell from poor. Multiple times to clean long wind.
    Attention: dolce Gusto adopter is pin have really careful one. Dotted around the mark but ball 뻔.
    Good point: manual on Korean alphabet description. (translation), EU code order cotton thin head non-Korean style coarse head on.
    Recommended: just Nespresso, dolce machine used in writing the, one two plugged into fairings Sy-what is even two reusable capsule (Of course performance whether all summer), especially for Dolce Gusto machine Nespresso capsule compatible adopter sold.

  38. Shopper

    The seller answered all my questions quickly and fulfilled my request. The package was received by the shipping company within 24 hours and delivered within 7 days. So far, the machine works great with ground coffee and Nespresso capsules. For me it is a perfect 10 out of 10.

  39. V***v

    Ordered via EMS Express 31/05. I expected that they would deliver quickly, but the goods disappeared from sight for two weeks. 22.06 suddenly surfaced on the clearance and 24 in the morning already brought.
    I already have hibrew H2 and Krups Genio. Compared to the simple H2, this coffee maker produces less hot coffee and puffs stronger at the beginning and end of the coffee making. However, approximately the same cooking and Krups. That is, this is not like a defect but a standard of temperature. And sorry-coffee from H2 I liked more.
    And so it is the same kind H2 but with a volume regulator. Checked on Dolche gusto and Nespresso-everything is super. Where else can I customize the volume for nespreso. Yes nowhere!!! Product and manufacturer recommend. But here is the delivery via EMS is not satisfied. Expensive and long. Apparently, some problems with logistics. If it does not burn, I advise you to wait a month or a half. I think they will make delivery from Russia-then safely order.

  40. D***n

    Chic Coffee Machine!!! Highly recommend! I took the previous model, I really liked it. But this is even better and more convenient because of the cup dispenser. Got to Israel in a week! The seller and the model I recommend! ***** + *****

  41. R***n

    Just received the coffee maker. Good condition. Fast delivery. Haven’t tried yet.

  42. V***y

    Very fast shipment and delivery, the product as described with great quality, really enjoyed the taste of the ground coffe I tried, has not tried capsules yet but I am pretty sure it would be a very good exprerience too,
    The seller very kind and always has fast response.
    Got some isue with an adapter and the seller help me to solve it inmediately.
    Great seller

  43. b***r

    Excellent and very wonderful matching specifications .. The seller also sent a gift holder for capsules thank you

  44. S***w

    Wonderful came with a gift Thank you seller

  45. Shopper


  46. M***i

    Very good and nice

  47. S***m

    صراحه ماجربتها طالبتها لاختي bas اختي معجبتها

  48. k***r

    Once a process does not hesitate to buy small and practical and with useful pieces and quality is excellent for its price thanks to the seller. I want another one for my brother.

  49. Shopper

    Very beautiful and coffee I will betray him and the seller sent me a gift also thank you very much

  50. S***s

    Fast shipping ….

  51. w***w

    excellent in every way . thank you seller for everything.

  52. S***r

    but i didn’t get the gift.

  53. A***Q

    Amazing machine

  54. i***i

    Very Accurate in everything fast shipping fast delivery and excellent quality.
    Thanks for seller strongly and recommended for everyone.

  55. n***s

    recommended this coffee machine five in one still waiting on my milk dispenser from the company or overall this coffee maker is great

  56. E***F

    # Hibrewcoffee seems like a very good buy this great brand. It arrived quickly and protected in double box. All accessories also very well classified. It seems to Me quite right that I can use different types of capsules, because at home we don’t have all the same tastes. It’s very simple to use and clean. And the seller immediately answers, he’s very honest, he deserves 5⭐

  57. d***y

    Great product

  58. h***d

    Very nice thank you Hibrew team verrrrry muuuuuuuch

  59. A***h

    as described, I do like the machine

  60. m***d

    A wonderful coffee machine and a very helpful and fast delivery seller

  61. a***i


  62. H***h

    Small size suitable for testing

  63. M***e

    Very fast delivery to Indonesia, only need 1 day delivered at home,

  64. ا***ه

    Easy to use, substitute multiple coffee machines you may need, the only thing I don’t like is that the water level needs to be re-calibrated, the amount of coffee you get from dolce gusto capsules is not equal to what should get from each as described

  65. e***t

    I recommend buying from this seller… Thanks for the speed of delivery

  66. S***A

    Arrived within 5 days the device is excellent and works excellently the complete pieces and the manual instructions in Arabic unfortunately did not send the seller gift holder capsules such as what was sent to some buyers

  67. s***h

    First I would like to say that the shipping was Outstanding perfect in a big surprise!! I got it so fast . I Easy to control the machine. Beautiful! Cutest ! Well Design! Work perfectly! Water and coffee it hot !! ( the most important ) I drink so much coffee the last few days . So much !! I love it ! So far work perfect! Simply the best ! Thank u so much ! Shipping it turbo fast ! 6 star!

  68. ش***r

    First time. Ask on Express. Thank God You’re dead. Good seller and fast delivery and will not be the first deal Thank you excellent experience

  69. S***a

    Excellent God

  70. S***r

    Excellent and came in time and wrapped it very safe

  71. S***h

    Beautiful once I was impressed, I asked the white with a beautiful bronze once but I expect the black to become the finest, a gift from the seller capsule holder/Tsui coffee hot only, and quickly وتغليفها AMN

  72. A***g

    The product came quickly especially pleased with the delivery FEDX only the seller sent with a UK plug but I think this is not a problem I take already 4 all work perfectly at home at the cottage in

  73. M***a

    The coffee maker looks great on the images but is really made of very light materials. It feels very fragile. Besides, the water tank is very small. Only two cups can be made by water loading. In addition, the temperature of coffee making is not enough. I think I was dazzled by the images and bought by impulse.

  74. Shopper

    The product is excellent. The all in one feature is very impressive. That is the edge to any other coffee maker machines.

  75. A***N

    Very wonderful coffee is prepared in a quick way and can use all kinds of capsules available in the market with a light sound

  76. A***d

    Poor design limits the size of the coffee cup. Took me 5 minutes to locate the coffee powder adapter. It was already in the H2B. Removing the adapter after each coffee is annoying but it does lead to a rinse every time. A more detailed user guide would be better and get someone who speaks English as their first language to write it. Seems dishonest to quote a low price that then increases by $100 when you order it.

  77. m***n

    I’m very satisfied. 6 days shipping, good seller.

  78. m***i

    Matching the image and the device works well I tried it capsules Nespresso and Dolce all work perfectly and I think it is better than the original Nespresso machines for its experience.

  79. C***z

    Best purchase! I really like this coffee machine. I really enjoy being able to use any kind of coffee capsule with it. The milk frapper is a great addition. It really elevates your at home coffee making! —- Good to knows: 1) during the first few times you use it (maybe 20-30), the water has a little bit of a plasticky smell. I ran through hot water without a capsule in it a few times at the beginning and eventually it will go away. 2) the adjustable water levels are not super accurate. For example, level 1 should put 35ml water officially, but it puts out about 60ml. This inaccuracy is true with the higher settings as well. This is not a huge deal, as the brewing can be stopped any time, or you can just not care for it. — SHIPPING AND COMMUNICATION — I ordered it from the EU and it arrived fast (within 8 days). The color I ordered said will come from China, so I was worried of customs. I reached out to the seller and they assured me that they have stock in the EU.

  80. S***i

    Today I received the goods, it arrived in good condition, it took four days to ship it until the date of receipt..excellent and works well and excellent quality

  81. m***r

    Matching the image and the device works well I tried it capsules Nespresso and Dolce all work perfectly.
    Many thanks to the seller for his cooperation with me

  82. m***r

    I’m satisfied

  83. A***i

    The device is very beautiful and great specifications for its price

  84. Shopper

    Beautiful coffee machine and the same specifications and speed in delivery

  85. a***a

    Fast shipping, just two days, and the idea is great to have access to a variety of coffee and try every day, Nespresso,Dolcegusto,kcups, ground coffee etc. I wanted a superautomatic but I thought I was going to get bored. I have not tried it over time but so far it works well I have tried the capsules of Nespresso ,dolcegusto and ground coffee and the quality of the coffee is good, wash with And I haven’t felt the plastic flavor they talk about in reviews. The only discomfort is to change adapter every time but it is the price to pay for versatility. I recommend the seller and the product in a month I will write as it worked and works

  86. Shopper

    Cool machine, reached 8 days. Unfortunately, on the narrow sides of the box was not laid a layer of foam, and during transportation the water tank cracked, it was impossible to use the machine. They wrote to the seller, he sent a water tank for free for replacement-he was also not protected by foam, just a miracle went in whole, for a month. With capsules ק,,,,, и and l’or, the coffee machine works perfectly, but with capsules of the brand Lavaza every time strange-the first Cup it is poured. The second (again, when adjusted to the maximum volume) fills up to half. With other brands of capsules there are no such problems. In general, the coffee machine is very satisfied, compact, stylish, works quickly. I recommend both the seller and the model of the coffee machine!

  87. S***i

    The seller responds to the questions quickly and also asked him to send the gift of the milk foam device and send it to me that it is wonderful I am very happy with this and I will try it

  88. Shopper

    super fast shipping, as described good package
    good seller and fast reply

  89. a***n

    Thank you excellent product and practical and all family members like him/arrived before the specified date

  90. R***.

    Super!! Looking good, and also both of them work very well. Thanks!!!! 🙂
    Before using the coffee machine, you should rinse it more than 10 times to get rid of the kinda rubber / plastic smell. I used some vinegar water and brewed about 10 times, and then no more unpleasant smell.

  91. A***v

    Delivery to Moscow is super fast. It’s very pleasing. But what the spoon was broken is very upset. (((I hope it will be replaced. I have not used a coffee bag yet. As soon as I try to complement.

  92. i***a

    Nice coffee machine! Delivery sdek to Vladivostok 5 days. Was packed in two boxes, reached intact. Coffee is delicious. I recommend it to everyone!

  93. m***a

    I’ve just received the machine two days earlier. The machine is perfect and easy to use. Many thanks to the seller for his professional communication. I highly recommend and suggest buying this machine and dealing with this seller.

  94. A***i

    Very good.
    I recommend it.

  95. Shopper

    Exactly the same description, and I regretted taking it.🤩❤️❤️❤️❤️

  96. M***I

    Very excellent and with a distinctive performance
    I would recommend dealing with the seller

  97. M***r

    Oh, well, she’s cool!!! Received in St. Petersburg for three days (delivery from Russia), cool! Unpacked and cooked two coffee for a sample: with a capsule Dolce Gusto and ground! Both coffee turned out very well, the taste is saturated, with foam, without rainfall! Very satisfied! Recommend! Thanks to the seller!!

  98. G***p

    Fast Shiping.
    Makkele operation
    Nice coffee

  99. Shopper

    Very elegant coffee preparation and enjoyed preparing it today, the device is easy to take and arrived within 4 days

  100. Shopper

    Very good machine, fast delivery thanks

  101. Z***b

    Beautiful and sweet size fast delivery Thank You Abdul Majid algebra💕

  102. A***M

    A wonderful machine with what the word means. Its only flaw is that the Cup is not fixed when it is extracted. شكراً you

  103. S***y

    Delivery in time. Small, cute, moderately noisy. Convenient volume adjustment. The largest volume is 2/3 ordinary mugs. Different coffee options and ground and capsules. The ground is certainly not very convenient to do, because. I have to wash the entire adapter. The taste of coffee depends on the coffee itself. In general, I recommend.

  104. o***a

    Very cool, cooked coffee from ground… Just fire… Thank you very much! Very much for fast delivery…

  105. K***i

    Excellent product. It’s important to clean the water tank and run the machine a couple of the times before first use. Very versatile and compact machine. The milk frother works excellent. Highly recommended.

  106. R***i

    I was really interested of this coffee machine because of all the different coffe types it can use and the good price. let’s go over the good thing first. can use the most common types of coffee capsules. The ability to chose the water quantity (useful for Dolce Gusto capsules). Easy to operate. The milk frother is of good quality and very easy to use. Now for the bad thing’s. the cup’s can’t be long (max 7,5 cm), so you will haft invest in short big cup’s or remove the drip tray. The coffee machine will smell and taste of plastic the first few drinks you make but will disappear after some time of use. The tray is a bit to small for the coffee machine (a bit unstable in the back), so it’s a good idea to not have it on the tray. In conclusion it’s a good Coffe package but with some design flaws but overall a good value coffee machine.

  107. s***z

    Works very nice, packaging very good!! Came perfect. Totally worth it and looks very nice. So happy

  108. R***s

    First thanks for the tray gift. Second… this coffee is is F awesome! It solves hell of problems.. u want nespresso.. u got it. U want dolce gusto.. you got it.. u want ur own coffee.. u got it! Quality build is soooo close to a very high end machine. Didnt try it yet but im sure i will be happy. Lastly, this is the first time i receive from ali express item this fast.. 5 days ONLY! Awsome. Thanks. Will buy more of them sure. Unless they want to gift something else 😝. Thanks seller.. thanks hibrew

  109. v***k

    The coffee maker came quickly, everything whole. But they ordered with a coffee grinder, came with a milk foaming machine. A little upset, in the description there was a coffee grinder.

  110. a***.

    Excellent for me

  111. H***i

    Good arrived and great👍Product

  112. Shopper

    I got it in three days.
    High temperature
    All clear.
    The seller is helpful and fast respond

  113. Shopper

    Delivery to the door, packed in 2 boxes, padded with foam, all whole. While the smell is plastic and strong, already washed with vinegar, slightly reduced the smell, but the coffee is not yet worth drinking. In general, I like

  114. M***a

    It’s come for 5 days. Perfect product 👌 Delicious coffee. Thank you very much 😊

  115. P***e

    The product is identical to the description and of high quality
    Excellent packaging
    The order arrived very quickly in two days
    I recommend dealing with the seller

  116. F***h

    I got it fast. The packaging is very very excellent, small in size but it is a fairy performance with three heads of the types of capsules and the third head with him two liters for regular coffee and extraction such as mash A professional coffee, the book with it in Arabic and clear explanation easy to deal with took with him the fumigation device all the two devices with them extra pieces laminated and clean and tidy, economical and❤️❤️

  117. M***n

    Pros: beautiful shape, small size, space/delivery speed within two days/accept all kinds of coffee capsules/ease of installation and use .. Negatives: the only defect in it and to harass me is very difficult to use any size of cups only short, but the length of the intervention and what I know if in the solution but what I

  118. Shopper

    Product arrived in a week Algiers (DEB) really hat, conform to the description.

  119. m***m

    Product wondrous price excellent seller will above Premier

  120. C***I

    The height of the cup is low
    Ground beans powder. Neso capsules. Doltese capsules are all compatible and
    Good to be controlled
    Put in a camper and use lightly

  121. S***r

    i love it !!!

  122. f***r

    I received it within 5 days, I took it from the recommendation of Abdul Majid al-Jabr with The Bachelor’s Day offers at 4-9, as a sweet week experience if you see a the big cups are coming in, but you can check the base.

  123. A***h

    perfect received, thank you so much i really enjoyed the product

  124. A***m

    Beautiful I asked for a coffee machine with a cold and hot milk shake in a week arrived the product I recommend it🫶🏻

  125. e***e

    Well received according to the description, with all its accessories.
    A quality coffee maker😉👍

  126. M***i

    Very nice coffee maker, I took it in pink which in fact does not at all pink as in the photo of the article, it has a copper effect just beautiful!

    It is incredibly compact, frankly compared to a Senseo clutter is divided by 2, it makes me much more room on my workplan!

    Very simple to understand, and used just put an adapter according to the coffee I want, insert, choose graduation, wait for the heating time and the coffee and ready.

    Feature rating it versatile, choice of 5 types of coffee, choice of hot or cold, graduation, start and extinguishing car, there is a lot of possibility it’s really nice!
    I have tested, the capsules dolcé gusto, nespresso, and ground coffee, and the coffee is extracted correctly, and has good taste!
    I totally recommend I am very satisfied!

  127. K***c

    Grinding Coffee Nes Doltda Coffee goes down well
    The seller is good at responding to the bad.
    I’m satisfied.

  128. D***h

    Tjnn and there are many options every day discovered a need but the place of cups small time enter the cups long😿

  129. K***z

    The Nespreso compatible capsule is well pulled.

  130. m***i


  131. S***m

    Parcel received in good order with good packaging. The content inside has quality look and appearances but yet to be used. Delivery is as per scheduled and fast.

  132. B***d

    Very good product, the seller is very nice.

  133. S***o

    Product under Experience

  134. Z***b

    excellent seller and i recommend him

  135. S***o

    A coffee machine that can unload almost all types of coffee at an affordable price
    It’s a good combination of a milk bubble and a tray.
    The coffee machine was smaller than I thought. However, it is rather better because the small thing is not burdensome to put on the desk.
    The bucket of water is 600ml, but it is comfortable to make a replacement easily by just opening the lid.
    I haven’t used the milk bubble yet, so there was an option with two buttons, with one button, this is a new product.
    Two buttons need to replace the ring inside when it bubbles and when it warms up milk.
    It’s good that this product is just one. It also has one more sparing, and a pointed border for latte art.
    The tray is not as solid as you think, but because it is thin plastic, it is dangerous to move the machine up. I think… it’s better than nothing.
    My Espreso, grinding coffee powder and dolcecustos have all tried.
    It’s as easy to use as the Dolcese Gus Machine ~ ^ ^
    H1, h2, h3 There were three different models, but the reason for purchasing H2 was that the amount of water was adjustable.
    H1 or H3 simply have a 40ml or 110ml button, h2 can be manually adjusted in the field of water like a Nespreso machine.
    That’s the reason for the decisive choice ~
    The pressure is 19bar, so crema seems to come out more plentiful, too, than the 15bar of dolchegustoil machine.
    If you don’t meet a failure, I think you’ll use it well for a .
    Black is white at home in the office… two units are purchased and…
    It really made me feel comfortable drinking coffee.

  136. K***a

    Very fast delivery, the device is excellent…recommendation…

  137. Shopper


  138. Shopper

    Perfect, very good coffee machine, the coffee dose adjustment is super useful, the coffee machine itself is very beautiful, the handle is solid (stainless steel?) the accessories to make the different types of capsules at the top.👍

  139. I***v

    The order came very quickly
    Coffee maker fully as described.
    Be sure to read the instructions before the first launch.
    It turns out excellent (in my opinion) coffee from both capsules and its own grinding (my choice)…

  140. D***a

    The product arrived in time. It includes all accessories to make good coffee.
    A single machine using up to 5 type of capsules, it’s really impressive.
    I highly recommend for coffee lovers

  141. K***c

    The Great
    Fast shipping products are also very satisfied. Thank you

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Are you looking for a coffee machine that does it all? Look no further than HiBREW 5-in-1 Coffee Machine H2B! This amazing machine is a multi-capsule brewer, allowing you to make hot and cold brews with the touch of a button. Plus, it is certified with CB, CE, GS, LFGB, UL, and UR, so you can trust that it is of the highest quality. With 7 adjustable levels and 19 bar pressure, you can customize your coffee to your own taste. And with the anti-dry protection, you don’t have to worry about spills or other accidents.


🤩 5 in 1 multi capsule: Enjoy the convenience of making hot and cold brews with the touch of a button.

🤩 7 levels: Adjust the strength of your coffee from light to strong with 7 different levels.

🤩 19 bar pressure: Get the best flavor out of your coffee with 19 bar pressure.

🤩 Anti-dry protection: Keep your kitchen clean with anti-dry protection, preventing spills and other accidents.


  • – 5 in 1 multi capsule
  • – Hot and cold brew – Certification: CB, CE, GS, LFGB, UL, UR


  1. Fill the water tank and insert a capsule into the machine.
  2. Choose your desired strength level and press the “brew” button.
  3. The machine will heat up and start brewing your coffee.
  4.  When finished, remove the capsule and enjoy your coffee!

Additional information

Weight3.65 kg
Dimensions33 × 16 × 30 cm