Semi-automatic Coffee Machine H11


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Color : H11G5 Jug Mat Tamper
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Plug Type : UK
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50 reviews for Semi-automatic Coffee Machine H11

  1. K***f

    Excellent Machine and Value. I was in need of a new espresso machine as my old one was leaking though it was much expensive . After weeks of researching per my budget, I discovered this machine.
    After receiving this machine, I immediately felt satisfied as the shipping was super fast .. less than a week!! Two thumbs up for Hibrew
    1. This machine is extremely simple to operate if the owners manual is actually read and by the way .. it has even Arabic instructions 🙂
    2. This machine is much quieter than any machine I’ve owned.
    3. The time from turning the machine on to ready is truly less than 30 seconds.
    4. The steam wand comes with three holes to get a quick frothed perfect milk.
    5. The resulting espresso and steamed milk produced is excellent.

    This is an excellent machine out of the box. Simply 10/10

  2. W***m

    Super fast delivery from EU-Warehouse. Ordered Monday. Item arrived 2 days later.
    Item as described.

  3. م***ر

    A very wonderful product and small size you can put it in a small place and the seller more than wonderful I give you a 10 \ 10 rating and I advise my brothers Algerians and all people to messages and offers clarifications for the product and buy with conviction I wish you success HIBREW☕

  4. M***h

    It was installed… but after I tried it …. I hope to be excellent Maana costume I expect… eager to experience

  5. I***y

    Excellent manufacturing and equipment, fast delivery. On delivery, the box is damaged, but the goods did not suffer. Very responsive seller. I recommend the store, and the goods to buy.

  6. E***a

    Delivery is fast, from the moment of order to receiving the order is a week. Packed perfectly!!! The coffee machine is very compact, which is important for me!!! Not noisy. There is an instruction in Russian language so far prepared only coffee, the capuchinator has not yet tried. Everything suits me, thank you very much to the seller!!! Certainly, I recommend!!!

  7. s***i

    Fast shipping in 4 days remains to try it and see how coffee extraction

  8. n***n

    Thanks for the wonderful machine. And thank you for the beautiful gift. Delivery time is reasonable 10 days. I strongly recommend buying from the seller products at the level. That’s my second request.

  9. Shopper

    Very good machine. Arrive in 6 days with FedEx. I recommend.

  10. S***r

    Fast delivery , received in an excellent condition

  11. ح***ي

    At first glance it looks good, as for the accessories, they are excellent, the price is rather economical, and the delivery is good as well, the coffee machine has not been tried yet, but it looks good

  12. b***r

    Identical to the description but FedEx Algeria from bad to ASO about the product this is a first experience I am looking for suitable coffee

  13. C***i

    Quality products. Thank you.

  14. r***a

    A great product arrived in 15 days to Algeria, the packaging is excellent and the machine is intact, has not been tested yet, I will put an assessment of it after the experience❤

  15. S***E

    Compliant product, shipments fast enough 13 days. Good communication with the seller, professional. Very good coffee. Also a double packing.

  16. Z***i

    good product and good seller but
    where is my gift

  17. K***o

    nice and slim coffee maker. I expect strong pressure for better crema. However, I seem not strong enough. I will try other type of coffee powder and see if it can have better crema

  18. A***n

    Big minus in this order, it is a big tax FedEx takes for clearance, it is 40 $, plus tax 24 $. What can be said, about the quality of the coffee machine, its work performs well, the coffee comes out delicious, for how much quality, time will show!

  19. k***e

    Very beautiful quickly 7/03 to 13/03, no VAT, until testing

  20. S***f

    I ordered it February 14 and arrived March 19
    And because there was a delay because of the large number of requests from Saudi Arabia delayed shipping, which is supposed to be done within five days and this is lucky for us where I received within ten days gift due to the delay of the previous deferred time.
    So far the device has not been used
    If amdani use it and then show my experience before the end of the suspension period, God willing, I will return with you
    Thank you Abdul Majeed al-Jabr was a very excellent discount and discount code and Jabbar

  21. J***v

    The seller is very good, a good purchase, the machine is very good, I received everything in good condition, I will be testing very happy, I love HiBREW

  22. I***s

    2 days from Poland to NL. Looks complete. Didn’t test yet.We will see

  23. K***E

    Product appearance and finish. preheating time even with high extraction temperature even worse. Potter filter is bottoming-separately buy one in the as seen on TV. Use the notice is steam, hot water as the water A little after subtracting coffee mode should be. Safe then flashes without all this spirit and works for Android. It will say and the usage is simple look.
    Drip tray floor is Stanley-well and plastic router to some extent, the box coating peeled quality seemed to. Please contact us at any time the buyer’s requirement. crema guide please come out enough extraction combination to some research must be seemed to.

  24. M***e

    I received my hibrew coffee ☕ maker I appreciate it Thank you very much.

  25. r***y

    Fast shipping within 3 days to the door of the house. Really satisfied. Need to learn the machine. Really satisfied happy מהרכישה! Recommend

  26. L***d

    Just fire, delivery fast, expected a week in three, and brought to the address in three days, checked works, seller respect

  27. Y***i

    The coffee mill arrived first in three days because there is a store here in Algeria in the state of Umm al-Bouaghi with yiluddin. The coffee machine arrived in two weeks with fedex I will give my opinion after Experiment

  28. S***y

    Very good seller. Very fast shipping. I am so happy with this machine coffee have nice crema and steam very good too. Love Hibrew

  29. C***d

    قهوتها ultralight شويا ACNA تحطلها powder مليحة Mahy thin Mahy خشينة, والاينوكس تاعها Jay فراجيل شويا, other things on the whole مليحة pools for the price, thanks to the seller almost arrived in two weeks.

  30. y***i

    I loved it and very excellent for home use, and the seller is wonderful I reached in tomorrow nine days I encourage anyone wants it, with a discount of $114

  31. Y***I

    Fast shipping she is 95% plastic

  32. m***m

    Is buying الماكينه but when استلمها were out some scratches as photoes shown was due to limited free but was lifted order ارجاع والمتابعه with Merchant was fast الاستجابه were ارجاع product وارجاع قيمه product have been worked New request but product is maximize its price in during فتره loopback but did a merchant after retrieval refund amount did a job discount Price old you are buying it in first ANL عجبني style merchant and in waiting dial New

  33. K***H

    The product like the description. thank you.

  34. A***n

    Order for 3 days, that pleases. The packaging is damaged, but the machine intact. Looks great. There is an instruction. As a gift to send iron Cup. As he tried to, but is foam high does not work. Maybe then not 19 bar, and smaller.

  35. D***o

    Coffee machine good cooks perfectly and milk whisk well.
    But the seller lied and not a gift as no weights.
    Delivery is 7 days and 9, but not critical
    And sorry now it is 8068, and I took in 9700 (((

  36. V***k

    I read a lot of good reviews, I decided to order. The quality is excellent. That especially liked that you can use not only capsules (chalds), but also ground coffee. The appearance is very pleased, the quality is excellent. In the machine there is also a capuchator or another foaming machine of a little. Already ordered a delicious coffee, until I experienced, the other day I will test t necessarily complement the review, while the impressions are very good. Delivery is fast only a week by courier to the house.

  37. a***v

    All excellent delivery pleases courier to a private house thanks. I was going to the Mail line. Everything works the first cappuccino turned out coffee with milk watched the review on YouTube there like a foam was and I just expanded by 30%. And so all the declared functions will experiment. After automatic nivona, you need to get along. The size of a portion of coffee can be set, which pleases I plan to cook Lungo. And for cappuccino ordered a whisk on the battery the milk was heated and washed. Hot water for Americano is needed but splashes the tinplate tried the nozzle to spray the same. Thanks to the producer quickly sent delivery to Yakutsk.

  38. A***k

    The machine works perfectly no fault and nothing bad to highlight the delicious coffee the only problem I had was the water container that got me damaged I contacted the seller and sent me another replacement without any problem the product came to me in days and the spare parts I also recommend both the coffee maker and the seller)

  39. m***V

    It came in a week, I have not checked in use yet, because I use another coffee machine. If I do not give it to anyone, and I will use it, then I’ll add a review. And so came a whole and not harmful. Delivery by courier to the doors.

  40. A***i

    The product is wonderful and works beautifully but small and fit for small cups only, which is practical but I needed a larger size and also necessary to be with you a special cooking for coffee you can ask

  41. R***i

    Had about a month. Use it every day. Fantastic coffee. Works perfectly. Came quickly. Great price. Recommend.

  42. m***l

    Nice product and very good material and the seller is good and fast answering

  43. E***b

    Thank you so much dear friend nice store I recommend it

  44. 1***r

    The coffee maker brought home, was pleasantly surprised. When brewing, the coffee maker produces a whistle. Maybe there’s a little bit going on? Let’s see how it will behave. Pay attention to the risks inside the sieve-Max. if on MM more put coffee, the handle will not turn. I’m happy with the purchase. I bought for 8750 with all components. I did not communicate with the seller.

  45. A***i

    recommended, I like the way how they packing the packages 📦, till now I just do one cup of cappuccino by using double shuts and the result is good

  46. D***b

    Extremely fast delivery FedEx
    Very nice functional machine
    Coffee with foam The only downside milk foamer a little limited
    Can be the first time only
    5 stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  47. t***r

    You order Wolyol and receive gold. Thank you for fast delivery. Still used. The real thing is pretty.

  48. 9***r

    Brought in very quickly, well packed. Everything is functioning, the quality is very good. there is an instruction in Russian. Special thanks for the gift! Very satisfied with the purchase.

  49. S***v

    I recommend the seller, fast delivery, a bunch of pieces, took the cheapest option, the seller reported two extra

  50. S***a

    Very nice coffee maker arrived in 7 days and I was not charged import tax. I have used it a few times and it is luxurious.

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  • 19Bar High Pressure
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