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109 reviews for Barista Pro H7

  1. A***v

    Delivery to ekb took 10 days + sdecom two measuring cups sent as a gift. And yet it’s a coffee maker, not a coffee machine. All operations do not manually automate. Coffee’s fine. She would have been in the cafe with her. Coputal for 22800 from the Russian Federation. I would not recommend this coffee maker

  2. a***d

    The seller sent me a discount code and did not implement the discount for it, but the product is good

  3. F***n

    From the experience of value less than the text of the value of the privel .. And the best extraction of the privel .. Jabara .. (fumigation needs to be understood or trained)

  4. Shopper

    Wonderful machine

  5. A***a

    I did not expect that there will be such a cool coffee machine!!! I ‘ve been using everything super for a month! Recommend!!! To the seller Thank you so much!!! Delivery by courier to the door. With the seller did not communicate, but everything went well!!

  6. ا***ي

    Fumigation is bad.

  7. N***n

    I got it today. Packaging magnificence and excellent .. كأستخدام مبدأي حلووووه

  8. R***i

    The shipment was arrived within 3 days, the machine is excellent and the espresso is creamy and delicious and its price is suitable

  9. 6***r

    The machine is qualitatively made, you can experiment a lot with taste and fortress. Delivery 2 days from the warehouse of Moscow.
    Positive emotions from buying!

  10. j***i

    Same description.

  11. D***i

    Great machine, thanks for the present a small cordless grinder , still testing the machine not successful in making foam

  12. t***t

    The device is great. His price was an opportunity for me to learn about coffee. Its extract is very beautiful and the milk is strong

  13. m***w

    I have missed it for now and my lord has missed the fun of professional coffee at home, but it is necessary to be tried and learned with a regular Makina cheap right of beginners because you are I have to say this seller is very sophisticated, respectful and honest because the Timmer Abu Talath slots He was in the picture in the machine and I asked him, he said, “Yiji with him and the day I received what was with her and asked him, he said that Mo was available MRA is a terrible evaporation for anyone who says you are full of professional and grinding according to coffee Mo fixed number focused if you have a light bank, you will be able to grind the milling and if you build a dark rust, you will be afraid and so on according to the coffee and According from the heart of the open portafilter from the same seller on the day you ask for the machine and Lord matnadmon Never.

  14. Y***n

    Very excellent very fast delivery

  15. r***d

    The coffee is very good and the seller is very nice I recommend ordering from this seller and the machine is easy to use and easy to install can be very helpful for home coffee bar and elegant stylish finishing of the machine is so appealing

  16. S***n

    Excellent and economical, took it on display days at SAR

  17. H***h

    Excellent in making coffee

  18. T***M

    I asked for it in about 3 days… the best is to reduce the coffee with a large quantity

  19. g***s

    Delivery is fast, the quality corresponds to the description.

  20. r***y

    I arrived for four days but there is no balance and no selcon base! The demand is incomplete with regret

  21. M***h

    Excellent machine at the price of thanks Abdul Majeed algebra

  22. G***i

    Machine is good but the steamer little bit, They are a reliable and cooperative company, I was compensated in several things. Recommend it for beginners. It’s arrived less than a week.

  23. m***d

    Thank you to the seller for his high-end treatment, I strongly recommend a strong device and a beautiful addition to the Coffee Corner, and also thanks for the gifts I received with the device,🥰

  24. A***t

    Use it from a month to consider it excellent👍

  25. M***m

    All perfect! My mum love it

  26. D***g

    item is good ! seller. is fine.
    i got taxed !i payed for fedex company !! one more time
    u have to avoid Fedex next time

  27. E***a

    Great seller!

  28. I***e

    Brought very quickly, well, I like the taste of coffee

  29. A***o

    I’m happy with the coffee machine. Recommend. I ordered with a rug and weights. The scales came separately in 2 days by sdecom.

  30. h***n

    Nice and easy to use

  31. F***y

    The seller treated the beautiful and sent the machine quickly this is what always distinguishes them, I love dealing with them always, in fact the quality of the goods strong I recommend it and the product arrived like

  32. i***r

    I did not like how we press the coffee, for 19 bar is too weak, does not make a foam for coffee and does not comfortably knock down the milk, it is necessary to wait to wait For the office was not convenient to regret. Looks great.

  33. h***b

    Machine good professional worth the money

  34. O***E

    The same seller request is excellent within 4 days and has reached an excellent quality compared to a price I recommend

  35. Shopper

    very good product for the price
    not very high quality but it get the job done

  36. b***n

    I have a piece that has been vaporized 3 slots and I can not use it

  37. M***i

    The seller treated excellent and tried it very fast

  38. S***k

    Very excellent at a fantastic price

  39. M***f

    Arrived as soon as possible thank the seller for his generosity requested the balance of the electronic and was sent free of charge thank you for the upscale deal

  40. M***i

    Very good.

  41. M***H

    Great product and great store shipped out and delivered super fast I highly recommended this store

  42. m***r


  43. А***r

    The machine came 8 days after the order (delivered by FedEx) to Uzbekistan. all the described in the kit arrived intact, everything works as it should, I’m happy with it.

  44. e***e

    Beautiful and treated excellent seller

  45. a***r

    A good semi-professional machine, good extract, very good grinding, one defect of course, since it is a semi-professional machine. The strength of the bar is written.

  46. A***a

    Very excellent and arrived within 6 days with excellent packaging but forgot to send with it the right to vaporize and will communicate with the seller

  47. t***t

    The capuchinator doesn’t do much first. The water flakes, then stops talking and then starts serving steam. Such an engineering solution, but you can get used to it. In work a couple of days, obvious shortcomings are not identified.

  48. P***n

    Everything came safe and sound. Turned on, checked, everything works fine. The seller and the store are huge thanks!!! Very good seller, answers all questions of interest!!!

  49. a***i

    this is one of the finest brands in the coffee machine. my machine arrived on the 7th of Nov, its our anniversary gift that we hubbywifey bought for us together because we spend a lot on coffee purchases from baristas every month. i was scrolling and scrolling through pages to find the right one and that machine went across and after talking to the seller who is extremely cooperative with trust in my heart, I ordered it, despite my custom charged me $600 for that machine which is way higher than the actual product, I still went out paid it and brought it home to have a good cup of coffee everyday. Trust me its commercial style coffee machine with such a high quality material.I absolutely love love, loved it ❤️

  50. D***v

    Delivery 3 days from the warehouse in Russia. The goods are satisfied. Execution of the device for 5 points. Packed in two cardboard boxes, still in a film and in a bag. All brought in intact and safe. Steam from the head for beating goes fine, but you need to pick up milk. Not every milk gives good foam. The only negative is not very hot coffee. But this is the trouble of all coffee machines with a flow heater. If this coffee maker was boiler, it would be possible to put 100/500 stars. I recommend both the product and the seller.

  51. S***r

    Very beautiful and the seller once nice and responsive Thank you wonderful packaging and clean goods thank you from the heart💕💕❤️

  52. g***r

    So far, so good.

  53. M***n

    Steamer with one hole but the milk is good. The coffee machine pleased. Was before that delongi. This machine is clearly better.

  54. A***n

    The equipment is the lowest. Not even described in the instructions of cleaning/maintenance tools. And so everything corresponds.

  55. h***i


  56. M***k

    Very good. Thanks to the seller

  57. Shopper

    Very beautiful after I try it but the seller is helpful and honest

  58. c***n

    Conform to description,

  59. A***i

    So beautiful.

  60. A***d

    I bought it from the advice of Abdul Majid Jabr .. Great.

  61. b***r

    Well received i recommend the seller

  62. M***d

    Incredible coffee machine..

  63. m***i

    Settle every riyal in it😍👏👏

  64. o***g

    I asked for the machine on November 2 and received today😍The machine is very gemmela and Wiji together the tools that are in the form of extraction wonderful free of the mill between 3 and 5 a lot and for the coffee is giving you 18 grams 3 slots and said they sent it to me and the price with the code almost means very excellent for a machine similar to Brevil👌

  65. y***s

    Its quality is excellent frankly and the Makine competes to resemble it significantly

  66. 3***r

    Thank you very beautiful and attractive machine with all the characteristics of professional machines in general, many advantages lack a simple adjustment in that it has a digital screen and the weight of coffee is digital

  67. Y***r

    One of the best coffee machines, unique extraction and taste, I received in just 3 days, this is my third deal with this store, I highly recommend it

  68. N***n

    Arrived in 4 days to South Africa. excellent service

  69. S***r

    wow the machine is excellent and works perfectly. Thanks to supplier for the good quality.

  70. Shopper

    I received quickly thank the seller but I did not get the coffee I do not know what the problem I am a beginner to know the way helps me Belize

  71. Shopper

    The machine is very excellent and its price is excellent and the seller is fast shipping, for the safety of what I expected its quality, but after it was tried Talaat heroine and deserve every real

  72. ا***ي

    A distinctive product and packaging was excellent and arrived on time without delay.

  73. K***i

    Good to acceptable. The fumigation stick has a large line unit opening strong times and weak times tired as it settles the evaporation. Porterfilter has a three-way right in the market because all machines are dual as they buy from them. The mill is mighty for honesty.

  74. e***a

    Excellent machine strong extraction

  75. S***v

    The machine is excellent. And the seller is respectable. Worth a shot.

  76. M***v

    There was no mat and scales in the kit, in the picture there is-but this is not critical. The delivery is super fast, the coffee machine is still working without any complaints

  77. Shopper

    Excellent, professional, the seller gave me an extra steaming head with three holes, arrived in 5 days, thanks to the seller and Abdul Majeed

  78. G***a

    Like the process of making coffee… Fresh grinding of grains, then watch as thick streams of express flow.
    The whole process was not immediately clear, for example, how to install a cone for ground coffee and so as not to wake up… Cooking milk foam for cappuccino is not yet working… This process is interesting and creative.

  79. A***d

    A product at the top of magnificence .. Terrible Shui in it .. The seller is helpful and high in taste .. And thank you for the gift with the product .. He has all respect and appreciation .. The product arrived in a quick time .. 5 days and I have ..

  80. ع***ي

    The seller is helpful thank you

  81. Shopper

    I arrived in three days of the request I recommend the machine beautiful and similar professional fumigation is true that it is but leads the purpose

  82. z***n

    The seller’s shipping speed and cooperation

  83. g***m

    The machine is very excellent and the mill is very wonderful and the seller is very helpful send me a gift I received in three days

  84. I***o

    Good purchase, recommend.👌🏾

  85. h***i

    Good seller

  86. R***r

    Cool Car👍

  87. M***d

    Nice item

  88. j***s

    Very professional seller all perfect. Very fast shipping, with detail gift.

  89. M***I

    The product was received today and is very wonderful and works perfectly, the manual of use is inaccurate in terms of Arabization where it is not understood sometimes, thank the seller was very accurate in Product Description

  90. A***a

    The machine is excellent and very wonderful and very fast delivery service

  91. S***r

    Very wonderful praise be to God

  92. m***m

    The god is beautiful and professional and a nice person within three days I received the packaging and bought from him after the opening of the fumigation Abu three slots

  93. a***i

    I did not try it for now .. But the speed of delivery within two days I received Najran to return after the experience…

  94. N***I

    Order received within 7 days. I have bought earlier HiBREW 4 in 1 multiple capsules (NOVEMBER 2020) from this store and still using it .This Store is highly recommended . Five STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for the STORE & SELLER

  95. H***i

    The machine is mighty and awesome and the seller is respectful and taste what the word means, take with you and you are the students of astmer 3 slots and Borta filter open and enjoy

  96. S***f

    It was received and the packaging was excellent and was not tested but clearly it is wonderful worth buying without thinking

  97. a***r

    The machine is pure and its existence is high and its tools are beautiful .. From the beginning of my use of it is considered professional👌🏻I… The student did not take with me a time I received his grandfather the day after him, and the seller his cooperation beautiful and I told him to send the head of the fumigation stick with three slots and The mill is very sweet .. As the beginning of my use, I want to have a barbecue time as it adjusts its grinding suitable and reaches the appropriate extraction for you and appreciates the programming of milling and extraction and installs with you👏🏻

    I hope that there is anyone who specializes in it and knows everything in it that benefits us or if you know about it, we benefit and benefit.

  98. Y***h

    I always recommend it to a cooperative trader

  99. m***i

    Excellent in extraction and grinding
    Slow to vaporize.

  100. L***n

    He arrived at the time but he did not try it but excited

  101. Shopper

    thank you . it is very nice product.

  102. M***i

    Thank you for fast delivery and packaging of the most excellent
    The device is professional thanks to the seller

  103. J***d

    Product very top quality equal all weighed והמוכר old man very good

  104. Shopper

    I arrived in a very record time and the seller is cooperating and along the quality of the koowice once sweet me espresso and white villas all of them wow frankness worthy of its price

  105. O***b

    Thank you. Quickly arrived. All things are there.

  106. O***V

    אחלה coffee maker in the beginning there thought is not can do Silver milk but do is really machine coffee something something

  107. Shopper

    Perfect 👍🏻

  108. F***a

    Thank you very much. The machine is good.

  109. L***v

    The delivery can be considered instant! Coffee machine super! I had one capuchin nozzle in my kit, with one hole, but in principle it beats up like that (when dexterity). The seller is sociable. Took a promotion for 28 K. Coffee to taste perfect (wife said better than in cafe). You have to be careful with the ferry, you have to dry the hole of the coffee grinder and clog the exit-but perhaps it is my hands out of the wrong place. For such a price it is better than the device to find IMHO.

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