Milk Frother M1A

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Elevate your beverages with the HiBREW Milk Frother M1A. This versatile appliance quickly froths and heats milk for lattes, cappuccinos, and hot chocolates. Made from durable stainless steel, it features silent operation, automatic shut-off, and a non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Compact and stylish, it’s the perfect addition to any kitchen.

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  1. 3***r

    Penku does fine, as everyone writes. While I use 10 days-all the rules.

  2. M***r

    very good quality

  3. 2***r

    Lovely foaming machine. We already use it. Thank you so much. Delivery 3 days Mo

  4. L***a

    Tjnn once and in which I heat the milk or cool and foam tjnn the costume of the coma and arrived at a suitable time I would recommend

  5. G***r

    Excellent caruchinator! Thank you❤& Middot;

  6. D***n

    Very fast.

  7. k***a

    Exactly as the product description, not lose anything, works very well, super elegant and very fast delivery, very satisfied. Super communicative, congratulations

  8. a***n

    very nice. hand-delivered. worked perfectly out of the box. just as promised. super happy!

  9. a***a

    Very, very nice.

  10. m***l

    מצויין, making foam really good

  11. O***a

    Delivery by courier. Its function performs

  12. Shopper

    Everything is fine, hot and cold milk)) I’m happy)

  13. i***i

    Very fast shipping. thanx

  14. A***a

    Blyskawiczna przesylka. Very well dziala. I am glad. Recommend

  15. 2***r

    Great foaming machine. Fast shipping. The second took to work. Thank you seller.

  16. 5***r

    The item was shipped instantly, packed well, not damaged. Works well for now. I’m happy with the purchase. Product and seller recommend.

  17. M***r

    The electric system didn’t work at the beginning

  18. k***i

    The product was good, but I payed half of the price + taxes and that disappointed me because with that price I could finded it even in my country

  19. R***N

    Very good results and fast access

  20. w***d

    Product good quality

  21. H***y


  22. Shopper


  23. N***a

    Fast shipping. To Hmao Surgut parcel was less than three days. Great foaming machine! There are no instructions in Russian language, but the seller’s video shows how to use it. Foam is dense and stable. I recommend to prepurchase!

  24. i***a

    super foam maker

  25. g***g

    Nice product, the foam comes out a little too airy at the level that it’s just foam without milk

  26. f***n

    Excellent delivery speed

  27. A***a

    Super nice thing! Moderately heavy, does not look like cheap plastics. With its function copes well, the foam is different, depending on the mode. And lush tight and thinner transparent. I only beat barista’s oat milk, I did not try it with the rest. Came quickly, the courier brought to the house, which was unexpected. The seller quickly sent. Class! Many thanks to the seller for the quality and cool service!

  28. N***n

    Foaming top came to air home within seven days, satisfied very

  29. w***M

    Very wonderful thank you Abdul Majid algebra for the recommendation

  30. Shopper


  31. S***s

    Rahahiba foam and excellent temperature

  32. Shopper

    I arrived in 3 days. The product is being tested

  33. S***f

    The device is excellent and the foam is equal to its magnificence

  34. J***o

    Not too hot.

  35. s***s

    Arrived at a speed that matches the description

  36. B***d

    Very nice and working good

  37. B***n

    Works great!

  38. N***r

    Very nice.

  39. E***y

    Great foaming machine. Quiet, fast and cute. Very fast delivery, to the door.

  40. k***r

    It is clear that it is a great product that has not been tested now the packaging is very excellent arrived quickly and record time

  41. S***i

    A great product if you are always out of the house and I need a hot chocolate or daffy milk❤️

  42. A***d

    very good .. exactly as described

  43. I***o

    I received it very unexpectedly quickly. For 1.5 weeks. Heats not very good but the foam is super get. In general, I’m happy.

  44. G***n

    OMG, I love it! my Nespresso frosted died and I got this one, it is so much better. it has two levels of froth, press once you get a ticket frost, double press and it is not as tick either are great and you can put enough milk for two cups. Love it!

  45. m***r

    Very professional seller, as usual, the sending was fast, arrived in 10 days in Algeria with the FedEx company, it is very solid, I have not tried yet, I will give my opinion after trial

  46. Shopper

    Liked it
    Foam thick
    Came quickly
    I recommend both a mixer and a seller
    Thank u

  47. A***i

    Very beautiful and strong I recommend it and strongly👍🏻👍🏻

  48. a***d

    Thank you very nice

  49. a***r

    The product is beautiful and effective

  50. g***g

    As in the description.

  51. Shopper

    Best seller

  52. r***v

    very easy to use, works perfectly.

  53. a***d

    More than a wonderful fast and heat it for milk sweet Haar to the degree of sweet Mo name heating but the problem in washing I feel tired

  54. m***i


  55. S***b

    It is OK to heat the milk and thick foam

  56. A***i

    Fast shipping. Arrived via Samsa. The device is mighty. Makes dense foam. And fast. It is excellent for quantity of cup or less

  57. P***k

    If you can’t help it, you can get a touch of it all the way to grigogo. Delivery to Ukraine is not Bulo. Having issued the delivery of the castle to drusiv in Spain. I do not know Yak Vin in a robot, ale Druzy zadowoleni podaruncom =)
    Glory to Ukraine!
    Hetʹ rashystsʹku merzemnu navoloch!

  58. A***i

    fast delivery

  59. S***n

    Super fast delivery! Arrived in only four days. The quality of the milk frother is excellent and it works better than most of the milk frothers I’ve tried before. Great product!

  60. L***e

    super fast delivery in seal package. yet to try. hope it work well

  61. D***n

    , Product מצויין really great

  62. A***i

    Speed sipping🫰👏👏👏

  63. C***e

    I asked him for 8 December and I received him on 1 December. The product is manufactured with quality materials. The best place to land milk as glass or ceramic cleaning quickly. The product comes with a cleaning brush and a loop installed on the Cup as it is easy to pour milk and 2 of the mixer or the bat alone is a reserve and alone use it normal. * Method of use: 1/hot milk with foam (one quick click) 2/cold milk with foam (One long pressure for 3 seconds or soft button in blue) 3/hot milk without foam (two consecutive pressure). With a booklet explaining everything in Arabic and English. It is written in the book that it is preferable to use full-fat milk, but because it is suitable for me to use low-fat and Talaat Li beautiful foam (the device settles the تقيمي him after use for two days good and recommend it for anyone who needs. * add اخيره : يمديكم تضيفون with milk is anything powder or flavor or protein وتخلونه is يخلطه you, easiest of sic مافيش😂🫰🏻💗

  64. S***s

    Magnificence and seller fast and very helpful this is the second request for him and was delivered in four days

  65. Shopper

    Sweet tried milk Mo hot much the same heat of some cafés

  66. r***d

    Very good and arrived ahead of schedule

  67. Shopper

    A+ fast

  68. m***r

    The milk device arrived for me within 5 days through Samsa passed quickly and beautiful but only then used

  69. A***r

    As in description top, it’s very fast.

  70. R***G

    Compact size, easy operation, great function, almost no sound when working

  71. g***r

    מאד fast arrived to home top

  72. a***d

    Very nice, I recommend to everyone

  73. O***a

    Whipped great foam

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  75. S***i

    Very helpfull

  76. S***y

    wowwww !!!!! very good!!!

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    Wonderful and quick preparation

  78. f***y

    I arrived and was used and worked perfectly

  79. s***i

    Received in 3 jrs. Article according to the description.

  80. N***a

    Has arrived very fast
    It has pleasantly surprised Me makes good foam, does not take long and is comfortable to use.

  81. S***a

    Nice product to complete my coffee stationary. It works properly, looks luxurious and it was delivered very fast. I am satisfied and would recommend it.

  82. Shopper

    A hero I liked arrived quickly

  83. T***I

    Excellent product, reliable and recommended seller…

  84. Shopper

    يجنن يابنات
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  85. Shopper

    Great product!!
    Do a great job!

  86. T***i

    fast shipping and great product with competitive price.

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    The item arrived in good package with no damage. It working well. Very silent.

  88. f***r

    And or invitation made in 2.2.23 shipping arrived for home door with Messenger 12.2.23
    Recommend very on the product.
    Packaged good, look perfect, making milk cold several seconds.
    I happy in Kenya שעשיתי.

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    100% good .

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    Fast shipping within five days and fast heating

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  92. n***o

    Product high quality really worth

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    Excellent and quality product, quick delivery. Highly recommend!!! Thank you 🙏, will buy again!!!!!!

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    Thank you very much, everything is great!! the product is great

  98. E***y

    Very useful device that completes the work to be done using the nanopresso device purchases together. Many thanks for your nice products.

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    Products comply, received quickly and very effective!

  100. M***h

    Fast delivery. He even delivered to the workplace.👍🏻

  101. a***r

    Honey and arrived in a week🤩🤩

  102. Shopper

    All right thank you so much

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    I recommend a quick delivery less than a week and also a hand-to-hand delivery to the house with the title of the mail from another worth buying

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    Very cool.

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    Speed in delivery & high quality

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  108. Shopper

    The device is terrible.

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  110. Shopper

    I got it.

  111. S***r

    The machine butter milk before heating it .. Never fit to draw .. It’s his idea that you only drink coffee in a cloud.

  112. D***a

    Works Great. The goods were sent out immediately, it reached Israel very quickly, and the courier gave it to me personally. Thank you very much seller!

  113. S***n

    I arrived slim and quickly and treated the seller took it on the recommendation of Abdul Majid al-Jabr Thank You Abdul Majid shoes gift for my father

  114. T***s

    Machine as in description
    Buy and you won’t regret it.

  115. Shopper

    It’s working very well 🙂

  116. S***k

    Fast shipping .. well packaged 📦 thanks to seller

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Elevate your coffee and beverage experience with the HiBREW Milk Frother M1A. This versatile and easy-to-use appliance allows you to create creamy, frothy milk for a variety of drinks, adding a touch of luxury to your everyday routine.

  • Hot & Cold Function with a thick foam
  • Retractable power cord
  • Double layer for anti-scald & easy clean


Additional information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions15 × 12 × 20 cm