Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder G3

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Experience precision grinding with the HiBREW G3. This grinder features a high-quality burr mechanism for consistent grind sizes, customizable settings from fine to coarse, and a user-friendly interface with one-touch controls. Ideal for enhancing your coffee brewing with optimal flavor extraction.

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  1. K***f

    The device is excellent in all respects and at an excellent price and high quality .. I strongly recommend it and does not take a large place at home and can grind coffee in all sizes and you can see the result in the attached video. I bought it on Singles Day and got an excellent discount.😍

  2. S***r

    In my little coffee experience,
    This is the first grinding machine used for espresso and suitable for performance.
    I have tried other shipments for now.
    So far, so good.

  3. S***r

    In my little coffee experience,
    This is the first grinding machine used for espresso and suitable for performance.
    I have tried other shipments for now.
    So far, so good.

  4. H***f

    The Old Mill hibro is stronger and better in stages. This is what grinds to espresso, although written for the supposed Turk.

  5. M***a

    Very good.

  6. s***r

    I received within 4 days, the sound of the mill Mo annoying, grinded within 6 seconds yasengel or double means the possibility of increasing the amount of the mill, under the experience has a small.

  7. S***s

    Excellent so far and the degree of grinding is equal

  8. A***f

    👍Very fast shipping

  9. h***b

    From the first experience the product seems to exceed the description where the milling was done without lumps, but I need to adjust the number of espresso mill tried today P No. 6 and became rough and quick extraction

  10. Shopper

    Frankly Shi beautiful and on time exactly and a distinctive Mill

  11. a***r


  12. Shopper

    I used it for V60 at first what I knew to her but after I saw the video became easy

  13. m***y

    Very good.

  14. O***h


  15. a***A

    Excellent I recommend the seller and thank Abdul Majeed algebra

  16. b***g

    I grinded in it twice once I liked

  17. a***h

    Do not miss you .. The machine of DeLonghi was sold by Matsui foam. This is a mill and a machine cost me a bid. The limits of 0 0 riyals and God will settle every real in it, especially foam in two seconds, but you look forward to a thick foam and settle you a cup hot and not wonderful .. Its only flaw so far is that you stop pouring coffee from itself means some machines choose a cup or two cups and stop from themselves .. This is you stop it manually .. But not like top top top .. Mill Mafiha any defects for the… Seller Maksar Atani gifts base rubber and Kaman who presses coffee

  18. K***f

    Excellent Product, beautiful Price and great quality recommended this product and this merchant and mill is very beautiful and advanced

  19. S***i

    Very excellent and professional and fast shipping👏🏻

  20. b***i

    Excellent jadaaa and grind all levels

  21. K***f

    The merchant is excellent I dealt with hibro a lot I salute them for their development and their products are very excellent

  22. K***f

    Excellent dealer, fast interaction and high quality product I am always happy to deal with

  23. ع***ز

    The product is beautiful and very excellent. The available milling options are excellent.

  24. M***r

    Fine! Thin uniform grinding for espresso.

  25. M***b

    The mill is a beautiful semi-professional grind coffee according to the coffee required for several degrees .. The coffee machine is rich in definition, but I regretted what I asked for separately (coffee accessories more if I asked them separately) the seller sent me a piston gift .. Treadmill and G11 at a price of $10… fast shipping only five days❤️❤️

  26. H***i

    Very beautiful and consistent grinding of the filter (I did not try it espresso) fully satisfied with its grinding of V60, small in size and easy to use and clean. I received in two days (shipped from their warehouses in Saudi Arabia)

  27. g***r

    Arrived and so far did not use it but the coffee machine is very beautiful, all of which are DeLonghi with a book explaining the use in Arabic

  28. o***h


  29. g***r

    Very beautiful and with a book explaining the use in Arabic

  30. a***r

    Great. Worth buying.

  31. R***a


  32. A***i

    The seller explained almost everything and distinguished service customers have 5 stars. And the product, God willing, with his experience is coming to you,🧡

  33. S***I

    The mill is beautiful and suitable and arrived in 3 days👍👍👍

  34. m***i

    Excellent espresso is especially grinded to The DeLonghi dididika user

  35. A***i

    Great product

  36. A***i

    The mill is equal and fast enough to buy

  37. S***a

    The seller is very helpful in terms of quick reply and also gives you an additional discount if you ask him for your special

  38. a***i

    fastest shipper that I have ever received
    Quality is very High incredible

  39. a***i

    fastest shipper that I have ever received
    Quality is very High incredible

  40. M***i

    The mill I advise you… very very beautiful and thank the seller for his interest in delivering my order as soon as possible

  41. a***e

    It gives you a good arrived before the specified date and the mill is good and easy to use… With the knowledge of shipping from UAE Mo China

  42. M***N

    Good and small. I expected bigger.

  43. W***h

    I arrived quickly and quickly once even for Espresso a good choice👍🏻

  44. A***i


  45. m***i

    Very excellent after using it for a short time you can control the second meter for 2 4 seconds .. I did not find clusters with this mill .. I would recommend buying it + thanks to Walid (zoom out) @ Zoom1out on discount codes and recommendation

  46. M***i

    The machine is very excellent, God willing, and the degree of milling can be adjusted without any trouble and looking for an excellent Mill and use very simple.
    For information I used in grinding for espresso.

  47. M***i

    The machine is very excellent, God willing, and the degree of milling can be adjusted without any trouble and looking for an excellent Mill and use very simple.
    For information I used in grinding for espresso.

  48. a***d

    Very beautiful and wonderful

  49. D***b

    Very effective several degrees of silent grinding

  50. g***r

    Very excellent for the price and give a great grinding mill for espresso and extraction is terrible, I strongly recommend it

  51. S***r

    The mill is a very suitable choice for me. They have a dolonji dedidika, grinding soft for espresso and excellent, but according to the type of coffee, each coffee has a🌷

  52. Y***a

    From the first experience is excellent and distinguished by various grinding grades

  53. Shopper

    fast shipping through FedEx. perfect for home. everything works fine. recommended seller. easy to communicate and friendly person.

  54. a***r

    Excellent cooking, coffee machine needs training on use

  55. I***M

    Arrived faster than a coffee maker. Prays beautifully. Need приноровиться.

  56. F***i

    Very good product and very fast shipping, thanks all

  57. K***r

    very good 👍

  58. a***m

    excellent quality 👌 👏. so far sp good I’m happy with purchase

  59. h***i

    Good seller

  60. ف***ي

    The experiment was done and it was excellent

  61. f***f

    More than wonderful I recommend it arrived in 4 days I loved it a lot

  62. A***i

    Habiyet Mill and tried it for training and Talaat haloh👌

  63. O***y

    So far I can only evaluate delivery and appearance, because Bought as a gift and will be presented only on February 12 (then I will add the review).
    The delivery is unrealistically fast, even before the promise was brought. Packed in factory boxes, which are placed in plain cardboard boxes to protect the prints, but everything came unharmed.
    Gifts that were promised-all in stock.
    The quality looks good.

  64. S***d

    Delivery in two days😍Testing.

  65. K***p

    The shipping and the delivery of knives are neat. However, the length of the cord is too short.

  66. Shopper

    Very beautiful I would recommend buying it again

  67. M***i

    I bought the product in order to grind the most soft Turkish coffee and I was afraid of the result. But the production came contrary to my fears! I highly recommend it to Turkish coffee lovers especially.

  68. أ***ة

    Very good.

  69. Shopper

    received today. the grinder has a good look design, it’s made with plastic. for the price it’s ok. not tested yet, hope it will work fine.

  70. A***y

    The mill arrived within 3 days of excellent performance the seller gave me an extra discount I tried in espresso the mill is consistent and is being tested in other drinks

  71. R***a

    One of the best grinding machines

  72. H***b


  73. N***I

    Order received within 7 days. I have bought earlier HiBREW 4 in 1 multiple capsules (NOVEMBER 2020) from this store and still using it .This Store is highly recommended . Five STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for the STORE & SELLER

  74. a***r

    The seller is very kind and gives you a quick answer.
    The product is also very good in quality.
    If you have a product description video or a subtitle in Korean on YouTube, you can use it a little more comfortably.

  75. 노***인

    It’s cheap. It’s very good…

  76. A***a

    I am so glad to have the coffee machines

  77. S***n

    Fantastic service. Shipment was super fast. Great grinder and I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  78. h***r

    Good extraction but at the end of the extraction must stop the God or extraction was just water grinder performance good for the price useful for home use

  79. H***d

    A powerful and accurate mill tried by two tablespoons give exactly. Excellent performance excellent precision. The price I do not know is suitable or not

  80. A***V

    Coffee Grinder Super advise

  81. g***r

    Excellent on its price, I strongly recommend it

  82. H***n

    The coffee machine is very, very wonderful, the seller is honest, and my shipment was delivered very quickly, and the grinder also works very beautifully. I do not know how to describe my feelings. For a , I wished to have a wonderful coffee machine and its price is right. Now the dream has come true. I got this. Thank you, thank you, seller 🌹

  83. Q***y

    The mill compared to its equivalent is considered the best in its class
    Easy in the jaw and cleaning is very easy and estimated to be fully cleaned
    Very sweet air pressure
    The mill is suitable and I still try different Ben types
    I strongly recommend it
    Better than Edison and the categories like it

  84. I***y

    Great product, heavy duty, very fast delivery and outstanding communication.

  85. R***l

    Extraordinary !

  86. A***i

    Within 3 days delivered 👍🏻 with good condition, thanks for seller , the Grinder work for espresso beans and other kind of coffee. You can adjust the hole for port filter 51, 54 or 58 direct. And it’s possible to save your grinding setting with key 1 and key 2.

  87. M***i

    I recommend and strongly the device was tested very beautiful

  88. A***a

    Very fast delivery in just 4 days i do receive it. Seller did contact me to tell me that in my country i will pay for customs and taxes , so i do really appreciate it. They are very professional in this business. Regarding the product, very satisfied and it is as described, so highly recommended.

  89. f***f

    The seller is excellent and his treatment is excellent thank him for his cooperation with me

  90. Shopper

    I received within 6 days and the experience is ongoing, God willing

  91. N***n

    Pretty Not a bad model. A little bulky, but looks stylish. Sorry there is no coffee machine horn holder. Works fast, grinding quality.

  92. K***r

    Shipping fast and satisfied with the product

  93. S***i

    An excellent product I tried for the V60 was very excellent and the rest I try for the rest of the drinks and I am sure it deserves every real .. Thank you Abdul Majid al-Jabr for her nomination to me and the wonderful opponent❤I got it in four days.

  94. A***d

    Good grinder without any complain. The result grind for espresso is fairly equal and without clumps.
    Good packing and instructions manual is explanatory.
    Very fast delivery with express courier.
    I am satisfied with the seller and his product.

  95. a***a

    Great quality, reasonable price! Love it

  96. S***a

    Frankly a wonderful experience with the machine and the mill I bought four of them personally and some of my friends and used it for 4 months and I did not find any problem with me or with whom I Frankly, you will not regret if you buy it and advise anyone who cares about coffee and drink it daily to buy it will save him a lot of money and make his coffee better than the famous International I’m sorry. The seller is very helpful, honest and honest

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Elevate your coffee brewing experience with the HiBREW G3 Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder. This high-performance grinder is designed to deliver precise and consistent grind sizes, ensuring you get the best flavor out of your coffee beans every time.

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