4 in 1 Milk Frother M3 7
آلة صنع رغوة الحليب 4 في 1 M3

آلة صنع رغوة الحليب 4 في 1 M3


HiBREW 4 in 1 Milk Frother Frothing Foamer Fully automatic Milk Warmer Cold/Hot Latte Cappuccino Chocolate Protein powder

(62 مراجعة)
اللون : M3
Capacity (l) : 0-5l
+ -4 more
نوع قابس الكهرباء : EU
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62 مراجعة لـ 4 in 1 Milk Frother M3

  1. 1***r

    Packed well, the capuchinator turns milk into foam perfectly. Washes good. In general, satisfied.

  2. M***i

    Perfectly good.

  3. E***y

    I tested it. It works good.

  4. S***s

    A magical glow

  5. عميل hibrew.coffee

    thank you the milk frother is Good ✅

  6. S***n

    Everything works fine! I liked everything!

  7. M***a

    Excellent treatment, fast access to the product and fast preparation device for foam

  8. A***e

    I’m really happy with the item,it arrived fast here in
    Maputo the problem was with the clearance customs and the carrier they didn’t contact me for almost 8 days after it arrived,I bought it on 27 December and by 3 January was here in Maputo pending..the seller was helpful. Thank you.

  9. s***n

    Product excellent

  10. a***a

    I liked that it had three levels to heat the milk… and in the cooling of the milk and I liked that there was a link to the work of foam and milk foam and also a piece in milk… and benefit from coffee and to make hot and cold chocolate and recommend this product and thank you for the great teacher (Abu al-Jabr… Abdul Majeed al-jabr) and I follow many snapata and use the opponent his right…

  11. A***n

    Penit cool

  12. L***y

    Like thr descriptions

  13. R***r

    very good

  14. Y***o

    Penka turns out great.
    It’s a pity that there is no spare spring-if something happens to her, the capuchinator will have to throw away (without a foam spring there is no at all

  15. A***D

    Excellent I advise everyone to buy this product from this dealer and thank you

  16. Z***V

    Goods of excellent quality! Thank you seller for fast delivery! * * * * *

  17. R***r

    very good

  18. عميل hibrew.coffee

    Good quality

  19. H***d

    I received my package in Morocco in a record time, thank you to the seller I recommend it

  20. f***f

    The shipment arrived as in the description has not been tried yet but looks good I am happy and it took a few days to arrive the shipment only

  21. F***v

    The parcel reached yanao in 27 days the goods correspond to the photo and description but the packaging leaves much to be desired in the factory box put another box and just pasted the address. where I saw such confidentiality for the first time since China itself all of course came whole, working but the packing leaves much to be desired look at all that I ordered.

  22. y***d

    fast delivery and one of the best quality

  23. m***i


  24. l***u

    great store thank u

  25. m***i

    Good is fine but the milk does not heat as it should

  26. N***d

    The product is magnificence I recommend it and treat the seller excellent

  27. عميل hibrew.coffee

    Bien reçu Merci

  28. a***a

  29. O***f

    Cooling is not completely effective but all heating options and foam composition are excellent

  30. M***k

    Great Milk Frother. Good seller.

  31. a***r

    A great product! Am very satisfied.
    Solid stainless steel processing.

  32. A***n

    Received it within a 06 days, I hope everything will go smoothly,
    Thank you Seller for your excellent care and services.

  33. E***v

    All, as in the description, packing is normal, instruction in Russian language is available.
    The working volume is small, for two mugs of coffee is normal 🙂
    The seller is well done, I recommend 🙂

  34. b***e

    Article well received and compliant.

  35. M***y

    A little long, the seller answers questions, works well corresponds to the description of 100 percent

  36. s***r

    super fast delivery!

  37. P***v

    very good product

  38. S***i

    The product arrived quickly within 6 days

  39. A***n

    very good

  40. F***r

    Speed in free… device excellent above description… packaging excellent… recommend procure… اشكر seller

  41. M***A

    As always, Great Service and nice quality of the product.

  42. K***i

    Very exquisite

  43. a***r

    Were good جداً but not work foam

  44. D***r


  45. m***l


  46. H***i

    Excellent Product, arrive early, recommend it

  47. U***r

    Great addition to my kitchen. Makes super delicious foam. Seller was extremely accommodating: changed the plug and whatever else necessary so the machine would work in the States. I am very grateful.

  48. A***n

    First used.. very satisfied

  49. P***o

    Good kapuchinator. Large volume, can make several cups. The perfect alternative to a more well-known brands. Buy a second, but why risk if good thing is justified. Cons of the mechanical attachment Corolla which is difficult to remove.

  50. C***r

  51. m***a

    Very good, loved!

  52. R***z

    very good product appreciate

  53. S***m

    Frankly marrrh beautiful buy it because I play my son with fire has become settled milk in it tubbon barghouh or without foam but protect milk and shipping take two days of beauty asked

  54. S***m

    Tjnn bitter asawi where foam of his liver and protect the milk seller once cooperative

  55. V***h

    Came in four days. Shipping by cdekom to door. Works fine. Foam is air and dense. There are modes of heating and cooling milk.

  56. S***a

    It heats the milk very well. The froth also works beautifully

  57. A***i

    The device is excellent
    But what is cooling the milk is just a foam
    Heat up

  58. S***m

    Go crazy.

  59. S***m

    Beautiful once and the seller is helpful once

  60. H***i

    Early delivery excellent product arrived in very excellent condition thank you I recommend it

  61. A***i

    The shipping was fast and everything was excellent. I liked the machine. I saw it with two tools alone to cry alone without foam.

  62. m***r

    It’s great

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