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Which Coffee Machine to Choose?

You probably ended up here because you are planning to buy a new coffee machine and I can tell you that you are in the right place to get golden advice! 

In this post, I will share with you the best coffee machines available in the market and which one is the best cost-effective. Continue reading this post and you will not be disappointed.

Coffee Machine Types

There are plenty of coffee machine types, some are manual and some are automated, however, we will talk about the 3 most used types for Espresso coffee.

We are going to speak about the machines that are compatible with Nespresso capsules, Dolce Gusto capsule, and of course, we will not forget ground coffee lovers.

1. Nespresso capsules

The most popular coffee capsules are obviously Nespresso, and we can find plenty of machine on the market compatible with type capsules and them come from various brands.

Krups Nespresso Pixie

Coffe machine Nespresso Pixie by Krups

Nespresso Pixie by Krups is one of the best options for Nespresso capsules users, it comes in an attractive design and it is very easy to use. We have listed below its pros and cons:

  • Pros
    1. 19 bars pressure
    2. Build quality and design
    3. Large water tank
    4. Ease of use
  • Cons
    1. High price
    2. Doesn’t support ground coffee
    3. No water filter

2. Dolce Gusto capsules

Dolce Gusto capsules come in various choices and this what we love about it, however, the capsules price can be somehow higher if we compare it to other capsule types. The compatible machines also vary and we can find cheap and overpriced ones!

De’Longhi Jovia

De Longhi Jovia coffee machine

 For the Dolce Gusto capsules, we have chosen De’Longhi Jovia as the best choice coffee machine on its field. Of course, it’s not the most perfect choice but it’s certainly one of the best if we consider its cheap price.

  • Pros
    1. Cheap price
    2. Design
    3. Varieties of hold and cold drinks
  • Cons
    1. Manual operation
    2. Costly capsules

3. Ground coffee

Finally, we can’t speak about coffee machines without mentioning ground coffee! This type of machine is the most expensive and used in coffee shops or professional places because it can be hard to operate and takes more time to prepare compared to capsules machines.

Sage Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

Sage Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

Sage Oracle coffee machine is very professional and can make a variety of coffee drinks with ground coffee. We usually find such machines in coffee shops and its price is also not affordable for everyone who’s looking to drink a cup of coffee in his home.

  • Pros
    1. Professional machine
    2. Design
    3. Varieties drinks
    4. Can ground coffee beans
  • Cons
    1. Very expensive
    2. Doesn’t support capsules


Wait, we are not done yet. What if I tell you that you can have a machine that supports Nespresso capsules + Dolce Gusto capsule + Ground coffee in one coffee machine! And on top of that, it comes at a cheaper price without dispensing the quality!
That’s right, that’s our mission and that’s what we provide at HiBREW.

3-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine by HiBREW

3-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine by HiBREW

The 3-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine by HiBREW is considered the best currently on market, as it offers support for all the capsules and ground coffee. The machine itself is looking great in terms of the design which is made in Italy.

The important feature is the ability to use any capsule or ground coffee, as the machine comes with 3 different adapters that can be easily used:

HiBREW coffee machine adapters

The machine is also very affordable with a great price (you can order yours here), it comes in 3 colors to choose from (Black, White, and Purple). It’s the best choice for home or office to get a cup of coffee of your preferred type in few seconds!


To conclude our post, we have seen 4 types of coffee machines, each machine has it’s own pros and cons. To be able to choose your new coffee machine, you should ask your self the following questions:

What type of coffee (capsules or ground coffee) am I going to use?
What is my budget?

And based on your answers you should already know which one you’re going to buy.
If you have any additions or comments, let us know below. Have a great day with a cup of coffee!

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