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HiBREW Coffee Machine Hot/Cold 4 in 1 Multiple Capsule 19 Bar Dolce Gusto, Milk and Nespresso Capsule ESE pod Ground Coffee

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  1. M***o

    Very long receipt of the order, 1.5 months went on order, straight trouble… to Ng just received. This is the only negative on the topic. When operating, I will add a review. The seller apologized for the delivery and promised an additional discount for new orders. Let’s see in fact, there are thoughts that you can order a dopom.

  2. m***m

    Excellent we tried it on capsules Nespresso and DeLonghi as well as coffee grinder was the experience sweet coffee sahnh Jay with a device to evaporate milk sweet I recommend it

  3. E***y

    I tested it with capsules and espresso. It’s all good thank you. But the shipping was delayed to the point I forgot I purchased this machine.

  4. A***v

    Goods delivered. It fully corresponds to the description and my expectations. Looks very stylish, small size, which is very good.
    Easy to operate, took the right adapter and prepared yourself a coffee. Also very nice that there is an instruction in Russian language with pictures. The goods have been well packed.☕It’s fine. After a long wait, everything is just super. With the seller talked quickly. Express is very, very, very big minus (47 days).

  5. L***a

    The delivery was very long 48 days to the depth of the Altai territory, brought the courier. The packaging was damaged and wrapped with tape but not deep and only a shallow cut on the inner box. The coffee machine is exactly as in the description everything works fine. Very happy. Seller recommend.

  6. D***i

    Goods received, finally then!!! With expedited delivery from Moscow from 11.11, there was an order of more than 1,5 months, in fact, the seller gave the order 22.12 for delivery. Correspondence with the seller took a very , he invented everything and invented different excuses why can not send, sent smiling emoticons and. TD. The product itself fully corresponds to the description, in full configuration, instruction in Russian. In principle, the preparation of coffee drinks is satisfied, you just need to adjust, it is not quite clear for what a small and large mug is on the buttons: It looks like they like they Product recommend, seller?

  7. M***y

    Arrived in just 2 days… No order came faster than this order to me.. I suppose it was here in Qatar..
    but this seller is more than excellent (10 Stars).. the machine itself is working as described… I will put pictures later..

  8. A***G

    The machine is excellent, tried the Nespresso capsules, big coffee makes in 2 minutes.
    The parcel the seller sent longer than a month, every week fed breakfast, instead of promised 12 days in the end the parcel I received in almost 2 months.

  9. A***i

    The device is excellent but the seller is charging late and what is received by people

  10. р***в

    I am very pleased with the coffee machine of the seller recommend as a gift to me put the coffee capuchinator turns out to be excellent with foam

  11. عميل hibrew.coffee

    best machine coffee with best option☕

  12. V***v

  13. n***g

    fast shipped, look very good quality
    packing good condition

  14. y***v

    The family is happy. Small powerful and beautiful. Seller good

  15. Z***a

    The coffee machine is cool, the coffee is only not very hot, but delicious and with a capsule and simple ground. Delivery two weeks, did not track

  16. R***r

    Well brews grain coffee, a lot of foam. I recommend the seller.

  17. I***v

    The seller umnichka, the case was like this: issued an order, on tracking the parcel waited for the receipt to the warehouse, waited two weeks and wrote to the seller,, He on what the seller said that he sent a new one and gave a new track for tracking, after 2 weeks, I received it (Chelyabinsk region). The complete set is complete, everything that was ordered-everything is there, the quality is super, everything works.

  18. R***o

    Excellent performance. Same as the description. The seller was very prompt in replying to my querries. Came as soon as expected. Direct mail the hibrew company so you can follow up your order. I enjoyed the product a lot. Thank you HiBrew!!

  19. L***d

    I arrived at the product and was a ruin and continued with them and responded to me quickly and sent me a new thank them for their cooperation with me

  20. M***a

    Very good coffee maker on all your systems.
    Very fast shipping.
    Completely delighted!

  21. S***v

    The machine just works quickly 45 seconds and your delicious invigorating coffee you have in your hands a very good useful technique of the seller recommend one Newans only stand a little bit broken. I do not have pritensiy and I advise everyone to take the goods in this store!

  22. n***a

    Very satisfied, delivery to the door. I bought it as a gift, but it was not in the warehouse in Russia, I had to wait. The seller is very sociable, for the delay sent a gift, thank you very much!

  23. A***i

    Great coffee maker, with perfect pressure (foam guarantee). Amazing the possibility to use different type of capsule or coffee powder and to choose between hot/cold.

  24. T***a

    The coffee machine came in working order. When she ordered it was not available, the seller wrote that it will send in a month, came early for a couple of days.

  25. B***i

    A very beautiful and practical product this is my second experience with this product and I recommend it and fast delivery after 3 days of request

  26. y***d

    Fast delivery and great coffee Machine

  27. V***n

    The coffee machine came with a damaged body due to the transport company, after communication with the seller a new body and video on replacement was sent

  28. s***i

    Sweet frankly .. In which 4 types of coffee heated good but Mo time defective water tank Shui small means three cups and get rid .. I bought it for $7 even if you called the seller possible to reduce the price

  29. عميل hibrew.coffee

    The coffee machine came well packed and quickly! Thank you to seller and delivery service!
    The machine works fine. Tried coffee and cocoa-everything is super! Thank you!!!

  30. M***a

    The order perfectly matches my needs. The seller is really friendly and collaborative. I highly recommend it.

  31. I***a

    It was not 3 months ago, as the cherished Messenger came. Of the shortcomings, in my opinion, aggressive gilding, glitters like a gypsy. Communication with the seller is happy. Always in touch, will calm down and trust

  32. D***r

  33. M***v

    Very fast shipping! Excellent seller!

  34. V***n

    In general, with delivery there were problems. Promised to Ng, but did not have time. As an apology brought a stand for capsules. A normal gift, we use it. I was a little scared, though, getting a stand, and the hibrew.coffee showed that I had taken the coffee machine already. But all the rules, a little later and the coffee maker was brought. I like coffee. Dense foam, normal taste. Foreign smells or any problems have not yet been. We use 1.5 months, though not often, one or two cups a day.

  35. R***r

    In the warehouse there was a delay in the delivery of the coffee machine, but the seller is very responsible and due to the compensation for the delay sent a mini blender as a gift. Letters reads all questions in detail answers, in general, I can safely recommend the seller and his store!
    The machine is convenient, brews delicious coffee from all options of capsules and ground coffee. In the complete set all adapters and devices. Capuchinator, also working, foam thick.

  36. A***n

    cute product, very fast shipping and Excellent services .

  37. m***z

    The order arrived quickly within 3 days and the opening is more than wonderful in terms of heating and extraction and worth buying
    Thanks to the seller

  38. d***y

    Best espresso machine ever i love it efficient, great extraction

  39. Z***E

    Hello the parcel arrived very quickly not even 5 days at coffee you came back it is a serious supplier that must take into account

  40. K***u

    my best buy. excellent on all types of extractions
    well done

  41. S***m

    But the machine followed the milk foam taking a large amount but in the production of foam is very beautiful

  42. L***y

    Deliver in 2 days. Product of very good quality. Coffee by still testing

  43. H***i

    Ferry fast delivery and high quality product

  44. C***n

    Cons-capsule coffee one day this wil take away. Simple things are the sole off with one off once for Land Rover cotton is used for dry once and wil take to a disadvantage.

  45. عميل hibrew.coffee

    Fast delivery, less than 48hours, from Polish warehouse via DHL. Shipment well protected, arrived intact.
    The machine works fast and quiet, looks decent and is easy to clean. Let’s hope it stays that way for as long as possible. The system with interchangeable cartridges is brilliant. 🙂 I hope that Tchibo Cafissimo support will be introduced in the near future, I would love to buy it!

  46. z***r

    Product confrme to description, fast shipping (04 days) Thank you seller

  47. P***s

    Excellent purchase better than the real nespresso I recommend

  48. P***r

    Came quickly and in full configuration. Everything works for the seller respect.

  49. عميل hibrew.coffee

    There was a small defect, but the seller quickly issued a refund and exchange for a new product without problems.

  50. A***i

    Coffee machine super! Everything works fine! Shipping was for less than a week! Packed was too! Prodovtsu respect, super, very satisfied, recommend!

  51. 4***r

    Order come in 2 days, courier delivered to the door. Packed perfectly! Box coffee machine was more in one box for rigidity. Inside all the necessary equipment, nozzle, even plastic temperatur for compact coffee powder. Operation is simple: 3 buttons on the top panel (on/off, a small portion, large serving). The machine is compact, not very noisy. Plastic box for water with the back of the machine is removed completely.

    That is not like:
    1. the price. Bought for 10 340. It is 8 500. What a shame.
    2. very bright gilt (cheap).
    3. size for Cup (had to completely remove the bottom pallet, climbed to Cup).

  52. I***l

    Perfect new arrival fast והשירות top

  53. F***I

    Excellent and beautiful and exquisite جداً and worth buying and recommend, شكراً on giving, well packing excellent, seller cooperator and gorgeous.

  54. i***r

    Making Machine beautiful جداً جداً volume suitable This is my order for second time وانصح out especially it’s own ميزتين جميلتين hot/cold

  55. عميل hibrew.coffee

    Thank للبايع everythig Zuhr and every pieces intact ويستاهل five stars

  56. H***d

    very nice seller and nice product they r so helpful I recommend

  57. a***v

    Delivered quickly. Coffee makes good capsules. Nozzle for ground coffee defective, flows past the coffee machine, on the table.

  58. Y***g

    I use the machine for a cople of days. I used Nespresso cuspules and ground coffee. It makes great coffee. Very much like as a coffee shop. Very good and reliable seller. Fast shipment and well packed.

  59. S***n

    I had a broken scoop spoon from the shipper but everything else is good, best coffee machine

  60. B***r

    Arrived for Bahrain during two-or three, this second treated and deal with excellent seller, only predicted its size bigger, but they are excellent وحرارتها excellent fit all kinds of coffee, I am very happy

  61. g***r

    سرعه delivery within two days of ordering اشكركم will be experienc واعلامكم how well used

  62. P***i

    A little late delivery, and everything is fine. Thank you for the show.

  63. عميل hibrew.coffee

    Very nice and very fast delivery, thank you
    Very cool & Fast

  64. عميل hibrew.coffee

    Well received on June 14

  65. J***a

    Did a Espresso…
    Read people complaining of temperature, it was great, always remembering that coffee can not be with boiling water, because bitter taste!

  66. A***v

    The first purchase this year where everything corresponds. Delicious and beautiful. Recommend. Please buy.
    To the seller-thank you.

  67. i***a

    Chic Coffee Machine! Delivery to Vladivostok 7 days. Sdek company. Brought home a courier. I tried to weld latte. It turned out quickly and tasty. The seller sent the order quickly and put as a gift an adapter for K-cup Keurig capsules. I recommend to buy a coffee machine

  68. k***r

    Very fast delivery!!!!!
    Well packed, complete. Cute. Thank you and recommend store and product!!!! 5 +++++

  69. عميل hibrew.coffee

    Loved the coffee. Would a Caffitaly adapter for this model

  70. M***i

    The machine works fine! It is a bit er than Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines but very practical with the different adapters, I tried them all and they all worked fine. Required some work to take off the plastic smell/taste – I ran many cycles with vinegar/alcohol and then pure water. Overall I am liking it a lot! Hope it is durable.

  71. b***a

    Came very well packed, am testing… but seems that works right

  72. S***v


  73. A***n

    Excellent coffee machine for any capsules and chalds. Simple and convenient to work. Without a pallet is noisy, but within. I ordered myself a black and white daughter. Shipping fast. The seller is good!

  74. p***n

    Great device. Good coffee makes a great drink.

  75. a***k

    The car is great. Just got it. There is no great experience. Did not communicate with the seller, there was no need.

  76. S***n

    Delivery is very fast and quality coffee is good.

  77. 1***r

    The machine is wonderful, gives an excellent result for all kinds of capsules and ground coffee. Everything came unharmed. The stand, however, instead of white turned out to be black, but this is not a problem. In general-just a great option!

  78. S***b

    The device is excellent and the heating is very fast but the attached parts with the device for the plastic quality capsules are medium.

  79. 1***r

    The goods surpassed all my expectations. Very good quality machine. All as in the description. The courier delivered me. Delivery is very fast in the Moscow region. 18 ordered 22 received. Seller super. Recommend. And thanks for the gift!!!!
    I haven’t tried it yet. Then I’ll add a tip. In appearance, it is of excellent quality.

  80. S***a

    Very nice.

  81. F***r

    The coffee maker looks good. To see the use.
    The adapters are solid appearances.
    The coffee machine was delivered very quickly
    In 4jrs. And I did not need to talk to the seller and the description of the product is good, from where my 4 stars. Because I have no negative or positive opinion on the seller.

  82. D***s

    Excellent device I recommend buying it and the seller is responsive and shipping Jani within five days .. I asked alone and I liked and returned students again👏🏻🤍

  83. D***s

    Excellent second time I ask it I recommend it👍🏻In terms of delivery, the first time the request arrived in two days, the second time the length of Shui is approximately a week and a text😅Thank you Abdul Majid al-Jabr and thank you to the seller ..

  84. L***p

    Absolutely fab. Bought it at a discounted price as a Christmas present. It arrived very quickly and in very good condition. The various adaptors are a bit flimsy but they work. Communication with the seller is good. Totally recommend it.

  85. F***i

    Bought during the Black Friday offers, working just fine with multiple settings that could be customized and pre-set based on your need and use. So far, used for Dolce Gusto and Nespresso capsules and worked as expected. Came with a user manual that went through all required details. I really recommend this device.

  86. عميل hibrew.coffee

    It’s good to be able to use different types, but… It smells a lot. As a result, I doubt that it is really good and can be eaten even if you wash it. I want to buy a cleaning agent and try it.

  87. f***f

    Hello, the divais is super, we use our ground coffee, the capsules are rare, the cappuccinator is higher in praise. Delivery in 12 days.

  88. i***r

    The delivery is fast. Thank you! Compact according to the description everything corresponds. Did not test, let’s try

  89. E***o

    Everything corresponds, the coffee is delicious, delivery 3 days to the Oryol region

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  • 19BAR Espresso
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  • ESE Coffee Pod
  • Ground coffee

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